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Mudisa Official- Special Singapore- The semester break has arrived, my family and I went to Singapore. as my reward for my good marks. That morning I was very happy, we prepared for departure. We left for Surabaya by car at night because our plane heading to Singapore at 9:00 am.

Arriving at Juanda Airport, I was happier. My sisters and I took lot of photos in several places at the airport which were very nice. Flying in the air is also fun, I see the sky and clouds are close to me.

After two hours on the plane, we arrived at Singapore Changi Airport. I’m very happy, from the airport we took  the train to get to the hotel. The train is clean and comfortable.

We started touring Singapore in the afternoon after resting for a while. Our first destination was the legendary mascot of Singapore,  the Merlion. I can’t wait to get there.

We departed by the train, then got off and walked towards the Merlion in Marina Bay, unfortunately, at that time the Merlion was taking a shower, yes… the Merlion was being renovated, so I couldn’t see the Merlion directly.

A little disappointed, but that’s okay, there are still many other interesting places that I will explore in Singapore. We toured interesting areas around Marina Bay. I also enjoyed the view of the sunset around the beach which was very beautiful.

The second day in Singapore, our next destination is Sentosa Island . We departed early after breakfast at the hotel. We went to Sentosa Island by train. Then we crossed the connecting bridge to Sentosa Island. The roads and bridges are very nice and clean.

Arriving on Sentosa Island  , we toured all the interesting sights there, started from the Universal Studio  where the film was made, the Miniature of Merlion and  the Fort Siloso which has many parks, and several museums. We did a sight seeing all corners of Sentosa Island by bus. We stopped at the nice beaches and played on the beach. We toured and played on Sentosa Island until the late afternoon.

Before going home, we bought some souvenirs and pizza, and then went back to the hotel to rest.

The third day was our last day in Singapore. We visited the parks in Marina Bay, namely Garden by the bay. The garden is very nice, green and has lots of trees and flowers. I was very happy and we took pictures.

I  jogged for joy until I finally tripped and fell, my knee blisters. Ah, but I’m still happy even though my knee hurts . My father carried me. We returned to the hotel by the train.

I’m happy to be able to vacation in Singapore. Many interesting places are there. During the three days there, there are still many interesting places that I have not visited. I hope I could go there again someday.


Penulis : Aysel Shellomita Erca Wibowo

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